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the night i became rachel zoe for a second.


It just happened. And had to be captured (obviously.)

Sunglasses: thrifted
Necklace: thrifted
Earrings: Claire’s
Top: Target
Black zip-ankle jeans: thrifted
Ballet flats: Target
Purse: vintage


first friday highlight – anthony freda

I went to Las Vegas’ First Friday Art Walk this month. While Art Walks tend to be more of  a “to be seen on the scene” kind of experience than actually an opportunity to take in quality, exciting art, there was a definite highlight to my evening and that highlight was artist Anthony Freda’s show All That Glitters, at Trifecta Gallery.

Anthony Freda is an illustrator whose work has appeared everywhere from  Rolling Stone to The New Yorker; The New York Times to Playboy. As described on the artist’s website, Freda’s work “easily glides between the worlds of commercial art, personal introspection and social commentary” and he is “inspired by imagery from American ephemera.” All That Glitters most definitely represents these ideas and inspirations and touches on (and probes) some of our most sensitive, current and relevant socio-political topics. Here were some of my favorite pieces from the show:


The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing. (drawing, found object)
I really enjoy Freda’s use of found objects as a part of his work, especially in this show. Most of the frames had sort of this unfinished, schoolhouse-chalkboard-at-the-turn-of-the-century look.


My Little Friend. (drawing, found object)haml1

Soul Pig. (painted assemblage.)
The other technique displayed throughout Freda’s work in this show was painted assemblage. I love the sort of gross, almost lewd effect he achieves by employing this technique, especially in this piece.


Obama Nation. (painted assemblage.)
This piece cuts to the quick with its message; even its title is a play on the idea that while we are a nation experiencing a progressive, fantastic change with our first African American president, we still can’t deny or change the disgusting, tragic history of how our country related, treated and viewed its African Americans citizens.


The One. (drawing and assemblage)
This was the final or first piece you saw in the gallery – depending on the way you entered or exited. What a poetic idea, no? In my case, it was the last piece I took in before leaving and I loved the taste it left in my mouth. It practically oozes every possible Messiaenic reference there is: the gentle, halo-like glow over Obama’s head, the serene expression on his face, the image of The Last Supper acting as the foundation of the piece. Even its physical construction – the entire piece was akin to the little wooden boxes hung in cathedrals with spots for two tiny prayer candles and the panel (upon which we see the image of The Last Supper) flaps open to display the area in which one would place (and anoint oneself) in Holy Water. Yes, it’s over the top. Yes, it plays on all of the ubiquitous (and somewhat exhausting) Obama-Is-Jesus messages we were all bombarded with during the election, but something about having this as my parting shot as I exited the gallery on that Friday night still made me resonate with hope…and a bit of a light-hearted giggle.

So if you live in Las Vegas or are visiting, make sure to hustle in to Trifecta Gallery to see All That Glitters before it’s gone on March 28th.

Photos courtesy of Trifecta Gallery‘s website.
Biographical information about the artist from Anthony Freda‘s website.

on the street.


My friend Sarah recently turned me on to Bill Cunningham’s narrations which appear every Sunday on the New York Times website. He takes to the streets of New York and observes and reports on the sartorial genius and trends of the people he sees.

My introduction to Cunningham’s mini multimedia nuggets was this one: On the Street | A Dash of Color (link to the video below.) In it, Cunningham discusses the “mad colors” which are currently being fearlessly and joyfully sported in and around New York. My favorite part of his narration is his belief that this burst of color is espcially resonant right now, in the midst of our country’s economic situation. He says that the addition of a boldly colored hat or a jacket is simply the best “tonic” for the dire straights we’re all facing right now.

Instead of grimly mirroring the gloom and doom by slopping on the narrow color spectrum that lies between the colors gray and black, instead, let’s rock a bright pair of shoes, a strident scarf set off by a chunky, costumey-style brooch. It might not seem to be much, but if you are able to lift someone’s spirit – and most definitely your own – by striding past them with a hot fuschia cape gloriously flapping behind you, then let this be our way, our contribution to making things just a little less sad, and more importantly, a little more hopeful.

Photo courtesy of Bill Cunningham, New York Times Website.

glitter and unis and rainbows, oh my!

This is the most magical thing I have seen all day.


Instantly add sparklicious unicorn magic, twinkling hearts and glorious rainbows to your favorite websites with the ridiculous and fantastical Cornify!

Visit Cornify to learn how to add magical flare to the website of your choice. LOVE IT.

(Hint – the more times you hit your new “Cornify” bookmark, the more fun virtual stickers appear on your screen! Try it on your favorite somber news website – it’ll cheer that unemployment headline right up.)

Shimmering uni courtesy of Cornify and props to Jezebel for the find.

writing hut.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I find it so lovely and fitting that I should come across this wonderful find which has to do with an author I loved very, very much as a child: Mr. Roald Dahl.


This is the chair in which Roald Dahl wrote every single one of his masterpieces for the eyes of bright, young readers and wry old readers, alike. Such classics as The BFG, The Twits (my favorite!), James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were all composed in this (frankly) soddy old chair atop this home made wooden writing board, crafted by Dahl himself.

I love picturing Dahl perched here, in his tiny hut with colorful curly-qs of imagination swirling around in his brain, taking the form of things like everlasting gobstoppers, giant talking ladybugs and whizzpoppers.

So go explore Dahl’s “writing hut” and have a good time why don’t you.

Or else the Fleshlumpeater will gobble you up.

Photo courtesy of BoingBoing.

graphic happiness.

This piece is making me smile tonight.


The piece is by Anthony Burrill and he is a British graphic artist. He has an upcoming show at Colette, a fantastic french destination described on their website as “the place where fashion meets design, music meets publishing, beauty meets hi-tech and a place to discover art with its gallery or to relax at the water-bar. It’s a living space, in perpetual movement.”

My kind of place.

And my kind of artist. Enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Colette’s website.

local ads.

I have a mild to moderate obsession with local television and radio advertisements. I love the low-tech, no shame approach that comes from local business owners, bound and determined to MAKE you pay attention to their 30 second spot, wedged in between a splashy, colorful Bounty ad or a sneak-peak at next week’s episode of “The Office.”

I honestly think this obsession of mine began during my childhood, growing up in Marietta, Georgia.  There was a local jeweler there called Kaminski Jewelry. Mizz Kaminski was notorious (and infamous?) for having the most ridiculous commercials, all featuring her in some way, with her skunk-streaked hair and out of control MAC make-up artist on speed face. And every single ad ended with the timeless elegance of the following jingle: “If you wants-ki good price-ki, come in and see Kaminski!”

See for yourself:

With the Kaminski love having sealed its chintzy place in my heart forever, I was uncertain if I would ever find another beloved local ad just as priceless.


With our move to Las Vegas, in our first few months here (and my unemployed status), I watched a lot of morning television (mostly news, but sometimes a girl needs a Golden Girls rerun or two, okay?!) In these morning hours, you’ll often see local ads for law firms, tax preparers et al. None of them really stood out (tear!) until I saw Roni Deutch.

There she stood, in her silver silk button-down and limp black blazer. Looked like any other lawyer type. However, I knew I was in for a treat when I peeped the title she’s voluntarily given herself, blazing proudly at the bottom of the screen, “Roni Deutch: TAX LADY.” I mean, with a title like that, she must be a real pro, right? Right when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she opened her mouth for her official hi-how-areya to the world:

“Hi, I’m Roni DEUTCH.” Cripes! She slaps you with that DEUTCH so hard, you would have sworn you did something wrong!

Case in point:

I waited each morning to re-evaluate the FIRMNESS and percussiveness with which she announces that last name of hers, and sure enough, I was not imagining things. For on Christmas Eve this year at a friend’s get-together, one of my other friends randomly inquired to the group, “Anyone ever see that Roni DEUTCH ad? What’s with the way she says her last name?! Gahd!”

I nearly died.

And sure enough, we were not the only souls who revel in her royal Deutchness. I give you, the DEUTCH mega-mix, obviously dedicated to that firm, no-nonsense surname pronunciation we love so much.

Oh, lord. I really love that Deutch more than I should.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t give old Glen Lerner, king of the random so-bad-it’s-good law offices commercials. I mean, he’s the Heavy Hitter! He has full fog machine effects and a strong silhouetted walk! He’s the business.

And he doesn’t discriminate! Look!



So what about you, dear readers? Any favorite local ads you’d like to share? Obviously, I’d love to see them and add them to my veritable mix tape of local GEMS.