things you can enjoy on my blog:

| style | art | culture | snark | whimsy |

things i enjoy:

| picture taking | my dog’s ears | red wine | patterned tights | blankets | glitter | unicorns | sending cards | john malkovich’s deliberate way of speaking | bikram yoga | standing on my husband’s feet | thrifting | french: language, people, food et al. | halloween costumes | laff riots | chick peas | the beatles | autumn | cheese | lime green | fashion blogs | fingerless gloves | going home | art | a swelling & soaring musical moment | crumbly apple pie | travel | baguettes | stripes | movie trivia | colors | puppy breath | cupcakes |

come back often to tell me things you enjoy. and things you don’t.


2 responses to “about

  1. Loved your post on Anthony Freda. Thank You for being such a fan!


    Can I have permission to post the link to it on his page for Trifecta and facebook?

    thanks again,

    marty walsh / owner Trifecta Gallery

    • Hi, Marty!

      Thank you SO much for reading – I’m so flattered! You may absolutely post the link to Trifecta as well as Facebook – I would be honored! I so enjoyed Anthony Freda’s show that night – in fact – I feel your gallery consistently shows the *best* work in the arts district. I’m never disappointed!

      Have a fantastic day and I hope to meet you soon!


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