the recessionista project: ensemble #9


Necklace: Tara Jarmon, for Target
Dress: Target
Gladiators: Nordstrom Rack

I have a mild to moderate obsession with BOTH Target and Nordstrom Rack. I know that whenever I walk into either store with just a few bucks in my wallet, I can saunter out with the makings for quite a few adorable outfits – and all while remaining fabulously recessionista.


I have a feeling this dress is meant to be worn as a swimsuit coverup (um, since I found it in the swimsuit section) but I care not. I shall wear it as a proper summer dress. And you’ll like it.


I heart these little glads. I’ve been looking for a pair JUST like this all summer. I dig their tough but sweet vibe.


And this is – without a doubt – my favorite find of the all the Target GO! lines. I believe Tara Jarmon might have been one of their first designer match-ups for the GO! project. From the moment I saw all the bright and fanciful designs by the fab Frenchie, I instantly fell in love.


I quite like this easy, breezy summer look.

And just for kicks – a parting shot of the gorgeous sunsets of Las Vegas. Yum.



4 responses to “the recessionista project: ensemble #9

  1. I love this outfit!! Especially the back…I was so not expecting that… sweet touch!! 😉

    • thank you, nicole! i know – the back was the detail that really attracted me, first and foremost to this sweet little dress. thank you for reading!

  2. I love, love, love the necklace!

  3. Like everyone else, love the black dress. It’s an “in” style dress from the front but the back really makes it

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