the recessionista project: ensemble #8


Dress: thrifted
Blazer: Filene’s Basement
Earrings: Claire’s
Necklace: from a boutique in Denver
Shoes: Kensie

I really do enjoy dresses with funky/odd/how-does-this-go? waistlines. I think they’re fun and I like trying to figure out the best and most flattering way to wear them.


Admittedly, when I first scored this find at one of my fave thrifties in Council Bluffs, Iowa, I wasn’t entirely sold on it. See, I hadn’t tried it on at the store, so when I brought it back and donned it, I thought it made me look hippy, wide and I was promptly annoyed.

Then, with a glimpse at its tattered label, I discovered that this little frock was actually from American Eagle and was most likely made for a little pre-teen body. In my effort to make it a drop-waisted dress, I was making myself look downright matronly and like Dumpy McDumpersons out on a Saturday night.

So, with an executive desisch’, I decided to make it a high-waisted dress that would allow me to show off a little more leg, while all the while accentuating my waist – and pairing it with this favorite blazer of mine (with its shortness) made me feel like I’d actually pulled off quite a cute – and smart – look.


That’s the thing about being a recessionista and thrifting in general – you have to make the garment work for you. And if you’re willing to put just that little extra ooph into it, the look you create will feel that much more signature and satisfying.


5 responses to “the recessionista project: ensemble #8

  1. LOL, Julie! I don’t know how you do it! You look fab! See you soon in Omaha.

  2. aw, i love it. 🙂

  3. Cute, smart, and VERY balanced with the blazer. Not hippy at all. And may I add that I’m jealous of your Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman long legs? My reincarnated self will be tall and long-legged 😉

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