oh. my. JEGGINGS.


Top: bebe
Jeggings: bebe
Shoes: bebe
Sunglasses: Dior (consignment)


The moment I set my humble Havaiana’d foot into bebe on a lazy Sunday afternoon not a fortnight ago, I damn near fell on my face when I saw THESE PANTS. I mean – I knew there was NO WAY I was leaving that store without these babies, so it was just a matter of time – and a matter of proper fitting – before I strutted out with my new little lovelies.

I spoke to the charming salesgirl who informed me that these new, Pollock-inspired creations were not jeans, nor leggings, but JEGGINGS. In short:  jeans that fit like leggings.


They have the five pocket style of jeans, but that oh-my-lord-are-those-painted-on?! quality of leggings. They make me feel a little like Joan Jett. And I’m a BIG fan of that.


I’d also like to point out these incredible, fierce, platformed, peep toe slingbacks. I realized that I did not own ONE single pair of “LBHs” (little black heels) that were of the peep toe variety. I realize now that is because I am a slave to 80s fashion and therefore have a shoe collection brimming in pumps. So these heels were a welcomed addition.


And I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that this top was a direct homage to the late, great Michael Jackson. I fell in love with all the details from the moment I saw it – especially the exaggerated shoulder pads. I think the Man in the Mirror would have approved.

Ok, so, a rockstar for a day. Humor me.



3 responses to “oh. my. JEGGINGS.

  1. im speechless!! thats all i have to say…u are my new best friend and we have to go shopping together one day!! love love love love this fit!!

  2. OMG – Amazing. a-MA-zing.

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