the recessionista project: ensemble #4


Necklace: thrifted (Kansas City, MO)
Top: thrifted (Omaha, NE)
Bracelet: gift – handcrafted out of holly wood (by an artist in GA)
Black jean: gift (thrifted, Las Vegas, NV, by husband)
Shoes: thrifted (Council Bluffs, IA)

Sometimes you just want a no fuss, no muss classic outfit. For me, last night was a physical and mental milestone – I completed a 30 day challenge at the bikram yoga studio at which I work and practice. I did 30 classes in 30 days – some of those days, practicing twice in a day. It was hard work. It was rewarding. It was a true exercise in dedication and determination.

So when my husband told me he’d take me out to eat at our favorite Indian restaurant in the city to celebrate, I wanted to don something both cool and collected, classic, yet still refreshing – a true reflection of my emotional state, post-30 day challenge.

Incidentally, I had just been reading a story about Kate Moss and her uber MUSE status in the world of fashion and pop culture. I think a little K-Mo came through in the construction of this look.


I mean, look at the adorable whimsy of this top. It’s actually from the now-defunct design team, Jovovich-Hawk. I love the sweetheart-esque neckline, the little mini tu-tu at the waist and, of course, the ruffled sleeve might be my favorite deet of the whole piece.


The back also has a sweet, hidden gem. I love the idea of a bow holding things together on the back of a garment, but it usually ends up looking corny and tacky-bridesmaid-esque. I like how this one seems hip and almost an afterthought. Too cool for school.


And it’s tough to tell from that first shot, but these black jeans are also zippered on the side. Like my dear friend Lindsey, I’d been on the hunt for a good pair of zip-ankle jeans *as well as* a solid pair of black jeans. I have to hand it to my brilliant husband, Adam, for spotting these – which combine both ideas in one garment – and gifting them to me on a thrift outing.

Plus, you know I had to give some close-up love to those fave shoes of mine. I mean, CUTE OVERLOAD on the bow deet, right?!



I love that this whole look is Recessionista – head to toe – and the finds span the entire U.S. Something about that makes me feel just loverly about the whole thing.


One response to “the recessionista project: ensemble #4

  1. I love the outfit and the sculpted arms! Love that you included that beautiful hand-carved bracelet.

    …and, what a fun tahp!

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