the recessionista project gets some (virtual) ink.


I’m so excited to announce that the Recessionista Project is getting some wonderful attention from a fabulous boutique in Omaha called Trocadero.

As described on their website, Trocadero is “a NYC and Parisian-influenced lifestyle and accessories concept boutique located in the heartland of America… Omaha, Nebraska’s Old Market historic district.” I never had the privilege of shopping at this chic spot when I was living in Omaha; it opened up just after we moved away (cruel fate.) I have since heard nothing but magnificent, ab fab things about it from my most chic friends in the O.


Friend (and fellow Recessionista) Sarah Baker happens to work at Trocadero a couple times a week and she decided to talk up the R.P. to owner Alice Kim. Well, Alice dug the idear and gave Sarah the high sign to do a write up of the Recessionista Project on Trocadero’s official blog, TrocTalk. Additionally, the R.P. got a loverly shout-out in the boutique’s e-mail newsletter as a Trocadero Tidbits item written by Miss Kathleen Flood, who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, but I hope to on one of my future Omaha visits.

Thanks so much to Trocadero, Alice, Sarah and Kathleen for the attention and the righteous write-ups.

As always, please check back often and pay a visit to Recessionista Project brainchild, Lindsey Baker to see her fantastic R.P. finds and inspired outfits. And if you want to hop on the Recessionista Project bandwagon, we’d love for you to join us. Please email your photos to

Image courtesy of Trocadero’s website.


2 responses to “the recessionista project gets some (virtual) ink.

  1. Congrats! I saw this fashion swap at NYU and thought of you:

  2. kumquatkween

    melissa! i meant to reply to you sooner. i LOVE that link. LOVE. (i want to swap-a-palooza!)

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