mean cards.

So by now, everyone has heard of I’m not going to lie, they are hysterical but are becoming a bit ubiquitous (I think that’s my word of the week!)

Well, about a month ago, I was tooling around on one of my absolute favorite websites, and came across an amazing artist named Julianna Holowka. When I clicked on her seller’s page, this was the first image that greeted me:


I died.

As I paged through a few more of her items, I found – to my delight – that she has scores of these cards which she calls “Mean Cards”, all featuring stick figures and snarky, often dead-pan one-liners which accompany them. Usually they are things we all want to say, but typically don’t because a) they’re socially unacceptable b) they’d render us utterly friendless c) we think of them about an hour after we would have wanted to drop that zinger.

So without further ado, I give you Julianna Holowka’s amazing website. Be sure to also check out the “About” page to learn how she came about creating these incredible little stick figure wonders:

Photo courtesy of Julianna Holowka’s Etsy seller page.


2 responses to “mean cards.

  1. Each time I look through those cards, I die a little. Obsessed.

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