twist and shout – the return of the fun editorial spread

Editorial fashion spreads are fabulous. But they don’t have to be so serious all the time. Here’s a shot from a spread called “Tokyo Rose” in this month’s Nylon Magazine. The headline reads, “What happens when you mix geisha- and rockabilly- inspired garb? A surprisingly audacious fashion moment.”

I love the inspiration, dig the models (who honestly look like they are the very best of party-girl friends) and want to see more of the brunette Claudia Shiffer look-alike. Pick up the February issue to see more.


Jumpsuit: DKNY                                                Dress: Marc Jacobs
Top: Andy & Debb                                              Top: Jean Paul Gaultier
Printed Top: Jean Paul Gaultier                 Jumpsuit: Adam Kimmel
Shirt (worn as Obi): Acne                               Vintage obi: Stylist’s own
Tie: Stylist’s own                                                Shoes: UK Underground
Shoes: UK Underground                                Headphones: Limi Feu
Headphones: Limi Feu

Photo by Dan Martensen, courtesy of Nylon Magazine’s Myspace page


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