the recessionista project: ensemble #9


Necklace: Tara Jarmon, for Target
Dress: Target
Gladiators: Nordstrom Rack

I have a mild to moderate obsession with BOTH Target and Nordstrom Rack. I know that whenever I walk into either store with just a few bucks in my wallet, I can saunter out with the makings for quite a few adorable outfits – and all while remaining fabulously recessionista.


I have a feeling this dress is meant to be worn as a swimsuit coverup (um, since I found it in the swimsuit section) but I care not. I shall wear it as a proper summer dress. And you’ll like it.


I heart these little glads. I’ve been looking for a pair JUST like this all summer. I dig their tough but sweet vibe.


And this is – without a doubt – my favorite find of the all the Target GO! lines. I believe Tara Jarmon might have been one of their first designer match-ups for the GO! project. From the moment I saw all the bright and fanciful designs by the fab Frenchie, I instantly fell in love.


I quite like this easy, breezy summer look.

And just for kicks – a parting shot of the gorgeous sunsets of Las Vegas. Yum.



the recessionista project: ensemble #8


Dress: thrifted
Blazer: Filene’s Basement
Earrings: Claire’s
Necklace: from a boutique in Denver
Shoes: Kensie

I really do enjoy dresses with funky/odd/how-does-this-go? waistlines. I think they’re fun and I like trying to figure out the best and most flattering way to wear them.


Admittedly, when I first scored this find at one of my fave thrifties in Council Bluffs, Iowa, I wasn’t entirely sold on it. See, I hadn’t tried it on at the store, so when I brought it back and donned it, I thought it made me look hippy, wide and I was promptly annoyed.

Then, with a glimpse at its tattered label, I discovered that this little frock was actually from American Eagle and was most likely made for a little pre-teen body. In my effort to make it a drop-waisted dress, I was making myself look downright matronly and like Dumpy McDumpersons out on a Saturday night.

So, with an executive desisch’, I decided to make it a high-waisted dress that would allow me to show off a little more leg, while all the while accentuating my waist – and pairing it with this favorite blazer of mine (with its shortness) made me feel like I’d actually pulled off quite a cute – and smart – look.


That’s the thing about being a recessionista and thrifting in general – you have to make the garment work for you. And if you’re willing to put just that little extra ooph into it, the look you create will feel that much more signature and satisfying.

oh. my. JEGGINGS.


Top: bebe
Jeggings: bebe
Shoes: bebe
Sunglasses: Dior (consignment)


The moment I set my humble Havaiana’d foot into bebe on a lazy Sunday afternoon not a fortnight ago, I damn near fell on my face when I saw THESE PANTS. I mean – I knew there was NO WAY I was leaving that store without these babies, so it was just a matter of time – and a matter of proper fitting – before I strutted out with my new little lovelies.

I spoke to the charming salesgirl who informed me that these new, Pollock-inspired creations were not jeans, nor leggings, but JEGGINGS. In short:  jeans that fit like leggings.


They have the five pocket style of jeans, but that oh-my-lord-are-those-painted-on?! quality of leggings. They make me feel a little like Joan Jett. And I’m a BIG fan of that.


I’d also like to point out these incredible, fierce, platformed, peep toe slingbacks. I realized that I did not own ONE single pair of “LBHs” (little black heels) that were of the peep toe variety. I realize now that is because I am a slave to 80s fashion and therefore have a shoe collection brimming in pumps. So these heels were a welcomed addition.


And I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that this top was a direct homage to the late, great Michael Jackson. I fell in love with all the details from the moment I saw it – especially the exaggerated shoulder pads. I think the Man in the Mirror would have approved.

Ok, so, a rockstar for a day. Humor me.


the recessionista project: ensemble #7


Flower clip: Claire’s
Gold owl necklace: boutique in Denver
Earrings: gift
Gold glitter eyeliner: Sephora
Bracelet: gift
Dress: thrifted
Those Guccis (mmm): thrifted

Here I am in the lobby of the absolutely mouthwatering Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas. This is a chic, funky (and a bit spooky) spot, beloved by the Vegas local. You can come here to stay for a night, drink a little Absinthe (!) and admire the art, which covers every square inch of the place, including the ceilings.


And they mix a mean martini.

the night i became rachel zoe for a second.


It just happened. And had to be captured (obviously.)

Sunglasses: thrifted
Necklace: thrifted
Earrings: Claire’s
Top: Target
Black zip-ankle jeans: thrifted
Ballet flats: Target
Purse: vintage

the recessionista project: ensemble #6


There are those pieces that you KNOW you’re going to end up building an outfit AROUND.

These shoes are one of those pieces. I mean, HELLO, LOVER.


I am so proud and delighted to share that these amazing Juicy Couture gladiator sandals were *given* to me by my lovely friend, Natalie, here in Vegas, and thus they qualify as a “recessionista” find. She had been given these babies by her friend as a birthday gift, but they were too big for her and so, without a thought, (and in the true yogi way) she simply gave them to me, since she knew they’d fit my big boats.

And let me tell you, friends, I’ve never been happier to be a size 9.5 shoe in my LIFE.


Confession: I’d always feared the glad’ a bit. Not gonna lie. They border somewhere between ugly as sin and cute as a button – kind of like a manatee. But I figured if I could pair them with a simple white dress and a “yeah, I got this” attitude, I could (hopefully) pull them off.

I’m happy to say I believe I did.


Sunglasses: thrifted
Dress: H&M (thrifted)
Shoes: Juicy Couture (gifted/swapped)
Earrings: Target

Photos taken by the lovely Miss Rachel Ziegler, in front of her beautiful home in Omaha.

the recessionista project: ensemble #5 (and mad, mad omaha love.)


Dress: Thrifted
Earrings: Claire’s
Gold tube bra: American Apparel
Shoes: Gucci (thrifted)


I had the sublime privilege and joy of getting to return to Omaha for the first time since we’ve moved away a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my dear friend Sarah’s bachelorette-hood. I knew that in order to step out of the town, proper, with Sarah and Lindsey, I had to find something completely fab, unexpected and not the least bit white (so not to commit a bachelorette party faux-pas.)

Naturally, I decided to become a disco ball.


This LBD (and THEN SOME) was found by moi at – yes – one of my fave Vegas thrift stores. It became immediately apparent to me when I strolled all up into Omaha wearing this frock that I had indeed become so. Vegas.

I kind of love that, though.

You know what else I love? That these photos were taken inside the oh-so-hip loft of the bride-to-be. Makes me smile. The whole weekend made me smile. Omaha is such a dear, special place to me with such fierce, dear friends of mine and memories so rich and deep I find it hard to describe to most. I love it in a way I’m not sure I’ve loved any other city.

I can’t wait to go back in the fall.


And mad props go out to:

Lindsey, for throwing a totally fab bachelorette party –


Sarah, for being a beautiful bride-to-be:


And Rachel, for being my hostess with the mostest –


On Lindsey: American Apparel
On Sarah: Vera Wang

On Rachel: Me, her dog Charlie, and an adorable thrifted mini dress